Chairman Desk

GANGA offer a Different Variety, Designs, Style and Size of Bath Fittings Product with the Brand name of GANGA. The GANGA name is enough to prove its quality and purity. GANGA apply contemporary technology with skilled and expert manpower to Service in the Market. Offer an Excellent Product with New Innovation and Technology is the main aim of GANGA.

Tusharbhai Tilva

Founder & Partner

We offer luxurious bath fittings to valuable customers in different style and design. Wide range of bath fittings gives preference to customers to state their class. I believe that product innova. Customer Satisfaction and Quality are the three bases that have fostered high levels of trust and respect for the GANGA Brand. Our brand is trusted and respected by customers and dealers across the country. The satisfied customers are testimonials to our brand ethos. GANGA satisfies the need of bathroom products.

Technological excellence extends to our company. Facilitating the creation of synergies and guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the production process. On the basis of the wealth of experience obtained in all our production centers, the Technology Department devotes its efforts to continuing to perfect the whole process of developing and manufacturing new products in order to maintain our leading position in industrial and technological capacity.

At GANGA we offers in different style and design faucets. Offer excellence products through technological advantage and expert manpower are our motto.

GANGA INDUSTRIES uses state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing processes to create products of supreme excellence. Backed by extensive in-house research and development. each faucet of the collection is crafted to deliver true value in every way: from durability to hygiene. Precision engineering. ruthless quality and the use of best materials ensure innovative products.

Jimmybhai Tilva

Founder & Partner

GANGA offers the world class quality bath fitting products with the use of contemporary technology and expert manpower. GANGA offers bath fittings in different design, style and size.

We are committed to consistently meet our customer’s needs and expertation on product quality and performance at optimum cost through our competent human resource and continual improvement of process and system.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our products and services through innovation technology. meaning human resources development, installation of quality management systems of international standards and establishing and reviewing quality objective for superior customer values and aspirations.

We provide the best products in the competitive industry. We have a strong interconnected network of distributors, suppliers, employees and dealers who work in concert to fulfill our long-term and short-term strategic goals.

We seek Customer Satisfaction through Product and Process Improvement & each of our fittings goes through several quality tests at each stage of production.

The company has already expanding its current dealer base & has come out with a range of innovative products to offer modern fittings, fine surfaces with a perfect finish, and a wide range of products to fit different budgets, to give our customers true value for money. The company is also gearing up for making its presence felt in the international market.

Sajan Tilva

Founder & Partner